Publications about Vauban district

Several leaflets and brochures (even in English) are available here

 Book "Nachhaltige Stadtentwicklung beginnt im Quartier"

The Forum Vauban association (editor Carsten Sperling) issued this book in 1996. It contained all the important informations and article on how to improve city planning at that time and had been the foundation of planning for the city administration and future residents and planners. From today's view, the book could be updated: Photovoltaics and other technology has become much, much cheaper but we preserve this book as the most important documentation on Vauban district.

Please address your questions about the book directly to the editor

Sorry, it's in German!

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Buch "Nachhaltige Stadtentwicklung beginnt im Quartier" 2341 10453 kB stadtentwicklung-quartier.pdf
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