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District history

"Quartier Vauban" is the name the French military chose for the German barrack site they "inherited" after WWII, but the city administration and we as future residents agreed to keep is as a name of our modern district. After all, Sebastien le Prestre de Vauban had also suggested to his king to build homes for the citizens, not only fortifications.

Timeline (Abstract)

About 1937 Construction of the 'Schlageter' barracks
1945 French troops continue to occupy the barracks. Beginning of the Cold War.
1972 Massive protests following plans to build a nuclear power plant In the town of Wyhl in the Kaiserstuhl mountain range 
1977 Plans to build the nuclear power plant are abandoned
The Eco-Institut is created
1985 The city turns toward environmentally-sound alternatives following the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.

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An introduction to Vauban district


In the South of Freiburg, on the former area of a French barrack site called "Quartier Vauban" , a new district has developed for more than 5,500 inhabitants and (estimated) 600 jobs. In 1993 the planning for the district started and has been completed around 2006-2014 (some construction sites are still open in 2014). By the beginning of the year 2001, 2000 the first new residents had moved in.

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