• Winter in der Gropiusstrasse
    Winter in der Gropiusstrasse
  • Marktplatz vor Haus 037
    Marktplatz vor Haus 037
  • Pippi Langstrumpf
    Pippi Langstrumpf
  • Grünfläche Nordwest
    Grünfläche Nordwest
  • Einräder auf der Vaubanallee
    Einräder auf der Vaubanallee
  • Solarsiedlung

Welcome to Vauban district's website!

"Vauban district" is a new German district (built between 1994 and 2017) on Freiburg im Breisgau's southern border. It had been designed and built from about 1994 to 2014 from a former French barrack. It was the "French Forces in Germany" that gave "Vauban" its name - after a renowned french fortification master, Sébastien le Preste de Vauban.

We are awfully sorry that most of the articles have not yet been translated into English, but maybe you'd like to help us?

At least in the German version, you may read about the disctrict's history, urban planning, numbers and facts as well as about our efforts and results in the fields of citizen's participation, energy, ecology, social matters and mobility.

There is a steadily updated archive on the district news journal "vauban actuel" as well as other publications (most of them in German), several maps, a photo gallery with over 900 images that you may use free of charge.

For sure we offer a very powerful search tool that scans not only articles, but board postings, photo captions, the schedule and company information.

And - we'd be very happy if you could help us translate parts of our website.


Have fun!

Andreas Delleske, February 2017


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